Overview of VoIP Unify


Our Cloud Phone and On Premise offerings are both based on the 3CX system which is not only an incredibly powerful telephony platform, but also includes powerful features such as presence, IT integration and web conferencing “out of the box”.

EasylifeIP™ Unify is a consultant led offering designed to help you make the most of these features within your business to drive productivity and efficiency.

This is what you can achieve ….

  • See Presence of Colleagues
    See Presence of Colleagues
    The ability to view the status of other colleagues (“Presence”) is a great time saver, avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice mail tags, and makes managing and working with remote employees easier than ever. Need some quiet time to finish a project? Customize your status and prevent any annoying disturbances.
    • Eliminate expensive voice mail tags
    • Avoid unnecessary transfers of phone calls that irritate customers
    • Visible from all 3CX Apps: Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Manage your Calls with Switchboard
    Manage your Calls with Switchboard
    The softphone applications include a powerful switchboard function that can be tailored to the way you want to view and manage telephone calls in real-time. With 5 different views to choose from it can cater to any job role.
    • Drag and drop calls for quick transfer
    • Ideal for Call Centers – includes Wallboard and Q-Manager view
    • View the presence of colleagues easily
    • Receptionist view allows easy management of incoming calls
  • Integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook & Others
    Integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook & Others
    Launch calls directly from supported CRM software. Inbound calls are matched to customers based on the caller ID and logged in your CRM system. Accurate call journalling of inbound and outbound calls with call duration allows you to generate insightful reports on customer and agent activities
    • Use Office 365, Google contacts or internal phonebook
    • Launch calls from your CRM
    • Converts cryptical Caller ID to a customer name
    • Detailed reports on customer / agent activities, no manual call logging
  • Live Chat & Talk: Connect with customers from your website
    Live Chat & Talk: Connect with customers from your website
    The Live Chat & Talk plugin allows your website visitors to chat and call your company in real-time. No need to call your 800 number – they can connect with a single click. Connect visitors to your call centre or sales team and watch conversion rates skyrocket! Calls are forwarded to your phone system free of charge using WebRTC technology. Keep all your communications on one platform and save admin time, learning curve and monthly subscriptions! Your agents will love it and so will your customers!

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  • Hassle-Free Video Conferencing with WebRTC
    Hassle-Free Video Conferencing with WebRTC
    Harnessing Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, which enables high-quality video and voice communications to take place through your Web browser. Participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins, enabling a better user experience for your partners, customers and employees.
    • Clientless
    • One-Click conference
    • Interoperability with VoIP and video
    • Bandwidth management and control

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  • Advanced Features for Ultimate Collaboration
    Advanced Features for Ultimate Collaboration
    Video conferencing is feature-rich and user friendly. Participants can enjoy video communication without the need to login anywhere and easy setup of ad-hoc meetings makes launching conferences ever so easy for both participants and organizers – employees can even use their mobile devices to join meetings.
    • Plugin and download free video conferencing
    • Remote control and screen sharing for quick and easy troubleshooting
    • Pre-upload PowerPoints and PDFs for crisp, responsive delivery
    • Easy to use polling tool for feedback
  • Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox
    Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox
    Inbound faxes are converted to PDF and forwarded to users via e-mail, without requiring any fax server software. Likewise, voicemails are converted to sound files and forwarded via e-mail.
    • Forward voicemails to inbox
    • Listen to voicemails without calling in
    • Faxes are received as PDF files in your email
  • Instant Messaging / Text chat
    Instant Messaging / Text chat
    Allow employees to communicate together via text messaging, without the need to rely on third party internet messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers. Users can send and receive text messages via the 3CX Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps from anywhere.
    • No need for third party messaging systems
    • Send text messages, links and more at no additional cost
    • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Click to Call from Any Browser or CRM
    Click to Call from Any Browser or CRM
    With the Click to Call extension for Chrome and Firefox you can make calls directly from any browser or CRM via the 3CX Web Client. Make outbound calls with a single click of the mouse and eliminate the need to copy and paste numbers.
    • Automate tedious and time-consuming workflow processes for staff
    • Phone number detection – Detect international or all phone numbers
    • Highlighted contacts – Numbers are identified and underlined

  • How to make the most of EasylifeIP™ Unify

    Some great features, but while they come as part of EasylifeIP™ VoIP it often needs some planning and thought to make the best of it Speak to one of our consultant technicians to discuss your situation and requirements

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